Your business is unique, your software should be too.
Each business has a different way of doing things, so finding a custom tool is key. You want calendar reminders for HR and quarterly reports for management? You got it. You want lead tracking for sales and email generation for marketing? You got it. With Titan, you can transfer the way your business operates onto a digital platform.
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Say goodbye to
paper mountains.
Paper is inefficient. It is easily lost, destroyed, and takes up (a lot of) space. Yet, many businesses still operate on paper. Titan eases the burden of moving your process onto a digital platform. Our team of workflow experts collaborate with you to refine and transform your workflow. By eliminating paper and automating your workflow, we save your employees time, money, and position your company for growth.
Reasons your employees will thank you.
  • Spend less time doing low-value tasks like: Searching for documents,Waiting for or manually transferring paper files, Losing critical documents, Duplicating work
  • Tasks are automatically prioritized and presented in a daily dashboard
  • Work is spread out evenly so that no one is swamped while others are idle
  • Personalize your search results display
  • Key performance indicators and colorful progress tracking indicators keep employees motivated and goal-oriented
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